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Litecoin will be supported on the Gemini Stock Exchange



Officially confirmed support for Litecoin on the Gemini exchange since October 13. The news was voiced at the Litecoin summit, held in San Francisco last weekend. Thanks to the message, the price of the crypto currency rose and rose to $ 55.

LTC is a fairly popular asset and goes through regular boom and bust cycles. Last week, a temporary minimum of $ 47.47 was reached, but after the announcement at the conference, the rate rose to a weekly high of $ 58.

By the way, there is still a limited number of assets on the stock exchange. Soon the team will add Gemini Dollar to provide additional liquidity and additional investment in Fiat.

Although lightcoyin is still far from its peak days. The bear market made all altcoys move much more cautiously. LTC also suffers from weak bitcoin. At the moment more than 44% of trades go through deals with Tether (USDT), and on the stock exchange OKEx – the largest volumes for this pair.

In 2014, the asset price fell from $ 50 to $ 1. But this time the coin seems to be developing more actively and integrating into payment systems. The number of LTC transactions over the last 24 hours remained stable, around 27,000. Compared to it, Bitcoin Cash looks worse – the network counted 19,000 transactions over the same period.

This is of great importance for lightcoin, as for a peculiar competitor. The coin also surpasses VSN on the other front – in adopting technology for direct and cheap coin transfer via SMS. The Litecoin network is considered one of the best candidates for wide acceptance of crypto currency.