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It became possible to make Bitcoin transactions without an internet connection



The Brooklyn-based company goTenna has launched a mobile application called TxTenna , which allows you to send Bitcoin without an internet connection. A mobile application, available only for Android, created in partnership with Samourai Wallet, allows you to send Bitcoin using a private network, free from censorship.

“TxTenna demonstrates how a decentralized network can improve the confidentiality and resiliency of Bitcoin transactions , as well as facilitating access for people living in areas without cellular communications or Wi-Fi,” DATPS engineer at goTenna, Richard Myers, quotes .

To conduct a transaction offline, you need to download both the Samourai Wallet mobile application and the TxTenna application, and then connect them to the goTenna Mesh device. Once this connection is made, users can send BTC to anyone in the world.

Internet connections are not always reliable and in some places they may be unavailable for example due to natural disasters, the TxTenna application that allows you to synchronize smartphones with the goTenna network device comes into play here. The network connects the devices directly to each other, rather than through a central point (Internet service provider).

In turn, goTenna CEO Daniela Perdomo believes that the reality is that local suppliers or Internet service providers can associate subscribers with their transactions, but TxTenna solves these problems, allowing you to truly decentralize Bitcoin transactions.