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Israel Securities Agency (ISA) has integrated the blockchain into its systems



The process was divided into two stages. At the first, a system called Yael was introduced, which provides communication with accountable organizations.

As stated by the agency, the blockchain adds reliability to information transfer processes, since it confirms the origin of the document and prevents falsification and deletion. An additional advantage of this system is the inability to deny receiving a message.

The next stage, which is in the process of implementation, includes the Etsba-on voting system. It will provide an opportunity for investors to participate in meetings, regardless of their physical location.

ISA also plans to introduce the blockchain into its monitoring system.

The development of implemented blockchain solutions was carried out by Taldor IT company in three months, the agency specified.

Recall that the former head of ISA, Shmuel Hauser (Shmuel Hauser) was quite critical about cryptocurrency , he called bitcoin bubble and compared with the gold rush of the 19th century. In December, the agency announced plans to temporarily remove cryptocurrency companies from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, but this did not happen.

Later, already under the leadership of Anat Gueta, the regulator decided to exclude public cryptocurrency companies from stock exchange indices. The agency also clarified the qualification of cryptocurrency, determining which of them are considered securities.