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Infinito Wallet became the first mobile purse with Cardano support



Developers of the crypto currency account Infinito Wallet announced the addition of the Cardano (ADA) crypto currency to the mobile client.

Support for new crypto currency is implemented together with the update of the purse to version 1.15.0. According to the developers, users can now "safely send, receive and check the transaction history of Cardano".

Integration of ADA into Infinito Wallet is realized on the basis of technical solutions of Cardano Rust , with the support of specialists from the Hong Kong blocking company IOHK and developers of crypto currency.

Inclusion of ADA crypto currency in the list of assets of the purse Infinito Wallet allowed to create a mobile alternative to the desktop client Daedalus. The development team describes the added coin as a third-generation digital currency based on the Cardano blockbuster, embodying the "future of money".

The updated purse is available for Android and iOS operating systems. Representatives of Infinito Wallet also announced the release of version 2.0 of the purse and the launch of incentive programs in the fourth quarter of this year.

Earlier, the head of the Hong Kong blocking company IOHK Charles Hoskinson presented a simplified alternative to the desktop wallet for ADA Daedalus. With its help, users were able to refuse to download the entire block to work with the crypto currency, using instead its copy from the server.

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