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In October Cboe and LedgerX will release Ether-options and futures



Investors of Ethereum will soon receive additional tools for working with crypto currency: soon ether-options and futures will enter the market.

Option – a transaction whereby one participant obtains the right to purchase an asset at a fixed price in the future from another participant. There are transactions for sale, purchase and bilateral. Futures offers the same, but at the same time the buyer is already obliged in any case to buy the asset.

LedgerX, the crypto asset management platform controlled by the CFTC and already offering bitcoin-derivatives, plans to get the regulator's approval for the release of the air instruments. The application will be considered on October 5.

In addition to LedgerX, ethereal futures will be released In October Cboe and LedgerX will release Ether-options and futuresplants with the Cboe trading platform. The exchange is also waiting for the regulator's permission to launch derivatives.

Note that, in the beginning, the launch of bitcoin futures helped raise the price of the military-technical cooperation above $ 19,000, and then dropped it to the current level. Some analysts believe that the same thing will be repeated with the air. Others say that the aether-options will add liquidity to the market, increase the volume of transactions and thereby push prices up, because they will reduce the entry barrier for institutional investors.

At the moment it is difficult to say exactly what will happen in the future. What is known is that derivatives will become a tool for bears that play on a decline.

The ether is now traded at $ 216.15 and recently moved to third place in the CoinMarketCap ranking, second to Ripple's crypto currency.