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In Kiev, a virtual monument to the creator of bitcoin



On Saturday, September 29, in Kiev on the site of the former monument to Lenin, a virtual monument was opened to the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. This installation was the first in the framework of a global project to create Augmented Reality Cities under the auspices of the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic.

The event began with a procession of crypto-enthusiasts who carried posters with slogans in support of bitcoin and the decentralization of society: "Bitcoin is secure by nothing", "We want a pension in bitcoin", etc.

"Since no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is, he may well be a Ukrainian, and hence a grandson or great-grandson of Makhno," said Alexander Soroka, founder of the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic.

He added that out of a simple desire to have fun the idea quickly developed into a global project to create virtual cities of augmented reality.

According to the organizers, the virtual monument reflected all the personalities that people represent Satoshi Nakamoto (woman, artificial intelligence or aliens).

"Until the end of 2018, two more virtual images of Satoshi Nakamoto will appear in the United States. Younk, the world's first music block-platform, joined the initiative. Co-founders of the company Pavel Elizarov and Andrey Dakhovsky became the founders of virtual monuments in Los Angeles and Miami, "the organizers of the action said.

The application for viewing a virtual monument can be found on Google Play by the phrase Satoshi Nakamoto Republic or in the App Store by the phrase Satoshi Monument. Note that since the technology of augmented reality is relatively new, older phone models may not support it.

As previously reported by Blockchain Journal, after the installation of the virtual monument, the organizers also planned to file a public petition with the Kyiv City State Administration and announce collection of money for the installation of a real monument.

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