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In 2019, the number of bitcoin ATMs increased by 50%, most of them in the United States



The exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat money is an extremely popular service, but so far it has been developed rather poorly. Things are even worse with the purchase and sale of bitcoins right on the street, but the pace of development of such services tells us that in the near future, bitcoin ATMs will be everywhere.

The number of bitcoin ATMs is growing rapidly

Coin ATM Radar's analytic resource constantly monitors the number of active bitcoin ATMs . According to current data, the number of such ATMs increased by 1.900 per year. Thus, worldwide growth in annual growth was 50%.

At the moment, the number of such ATMs has reached a beautiful mark – 5.777. It is noteworthy that in this market there is already strong competition. The largest number of ATMs belong to the following companies:

  • CoinCloud – 374 pcs;
  • CoinFlip – 348 pcs;
  • Bitcoin Depot – 312 pcs.

Most Bitcoin ATMs are concentrated in the United States (3,729 units, or 64.5%). All of Europe accounts for only 19.7% of the total share. Nevertheless, the speed of distribution of such ATMs is simply colossal, and this indicates the rapid development of the cryptocurrency industry.

At the time of January 1, 2018, there were 3.171 ATMs in the world, exactly one year later – 4.115. If you look at earlier data, the progress becomes even more noticeable: on January 1, 2017 there were only 964 of them, and 5 years ago there was only one ATM.

Thus, bitcoin actively penetrates directly into the streets, where anyone can buy or sell cryptocurrency on the go. Such an opportunity makes the use of digital currencies much more flexible and convenient for people, and this will definitely benefit the industry.

Publication date 10/21/2019
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