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IMF research can be used to regulate the cryptocurrency market



The blockchain experiments conducted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will form the basis of the formation of a vector for regulating the cryptocurrency industry. It is reported by the Cointelegraph , citing the Deputy General Counsel of the IMF Ross Lekkov.

According to him, the IMF is carefully studying modern financial technologies and the blockchain; however, working with them would be incomplete without studying artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies.

“Collaborating with the IMF, banks and countries have shown considerable interest in regulating the developing sector, ” Ross Lekkov said.

He also said that the International Monetary Fund is ready to provide recommendations in the field of new technologies. To this end, together with the World Bank, the IMF launched the “Fintech Agenda of Bali” initiative, which will form and study the list of the main problems that stand in the way of the implementation of Fintech solutions.

Recall that in the October World Economic Outlook report, the IMF stated that cryptocurrencies could create “new vulnerabilities” in the global financial system.

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