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I’m not a freeloader, I’m a partner: how “Cashbury” managed to repeat the “success” of MMM and what’s the bitcoin of



Probably everyone is truly familiar with the legendary phrase of Viktor Chernomyrdin, "never was this, and here again." However, as with all the quirks of the Russian language, there are a number of situations in which it can be safely applied.

The era of wild capitalism in the post-Soviet space gave enormous opportunities to many, but a much larger number of people lost almost everything during this period. About the dashing 90s a lot has already been said, written and filmed: some feel nostalgic, others curse, but they will hardly be able to forget the time of “blood in the streets”.

Nevertheless, if we talk about the 90s, we are talking not only about “blood on the streets”, but also about the largest MMM financial pyramid in the history of the former Soviet Union, whose victims were millions of people, and the damage, according to various estimates, amounted to billions of rubles.

Under the conditions of constant economic upheavals, the “great and terrible” Sergey Mavrodi taught another cruel lesson to those who hoped to make a profit without any effort. “Shares”, “partnerships”, “investments” – such a mantra was fooled by investors who had lived all their lives under the Soviet regime and who have not the slightest idea about the content of these words.

Should I blame them for ignorance? In retrospect, it is easier to simply mock the participants of MMM, already knowing about the destructive consequences of its collapse, but lovers of criticism for nothing safely forget about the psychology of immigrants from the USSR and their difficult economic fate, preferring to arrogantly discuss mentality.

More than 20 years have passed since the collapse of the pyramid, 2018 is in the yard, millenialy are making progress, an Internet cable has been connected to almost every house, and people no longer charge water for televisions, and at the same time the Central Bank of the Russian Federation reports that the damage from the activities of the group of companies "Cashbury" can be 3 billion rubles.

Much has changed since the times of MMM, digital technologies literally turned the world upside down, Kashpirovsky no longer collects stadiums, the editor of Kommunist magazine no longer carries out “shock therapy” to improve the capitalist economy, but in winter and summer something remains the same color: people are all still willing to invest in financial pyramids.

BlockchainJournal understood what “Cashbury” is, what’s the point of cryptocurrency and why the spirit of Leni Golubkov is so hard to expel from the public consciousness.

Labyrinths of Vardanyan

Since 2016, Cashbury has been a group of companies, which includes Warsaw Microcredit Company LLC, Cashbury LLC and the British company Cashbery Limited . At least that's what it says on the official project website.

However, it is already known that there are other firms:

At the same time, Cashbery Limited and Сashbery International Limited are registered at the same address in London, and Arthur Vardanyan [VARDANYAN, Artur] acts as secretary and director in both companies.

Cashbery Group Limited and Cashberytrading Limited [with a share capital of 1 pound and overdue statements confirming the status of the company] are also registered in London, and Arthur Vardanyan is also listed as secretary and director in both, although it is not a fact that the one described above is transliteration on the UK Registration Chamber website is different [VARDANJAN, Artur].

Interesting inconsistencies on this is not something that does not end, but only begin. Arthur Vardanyan of Cashbery Limited was allegedly born in June 1980, and his full namesake of Cashbery International Limited in August 1983. Vardanyans from two other British companies appeared on the white world in September 1981. Either the head of the holding moves through time and space, or at once several Arthur Vardanyans around the world decided to create a company with the same name, or someone masterly fools the head of the UK authorities.

It is noteworthy that the share capital of Cashbery Limited is 1 pound, while the share capital of Cashbery International Limited is 1 billion pounds. At the same time, the founder (one of the Vardanyans) acquired only one share for 1 million pounds, and 999 other issued securities remained unpaid. Nevertheless, British laws allow issuing unpaid shares for their subsequent sale.

[Cashbery Limited]

[Cashbery Limited]

[Сashbery International Limited]

[Сashbery International Limited]

Note that on December 9, the first will be removed from the registry of the UK Registration Chamber, and its property will be transferred to the British crown.

Cashbery Limited and Cashbury LLC entered into an agency agreement dated December 11, 2016, under the terms of which the Russian company carries out its activities on behalf of and at the expense of the British in the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (GOVERNMENT) , the head of Cashbury LLC is a certain Alekseev Roman Alekseevich, who contributed the entire share capital in the amount of 10,000 rubles.

It is noteworthy that at the same address [Nizhnebulvarnaya Street, 47, Rostov-on-Don], from March 2013 to October 12, 2018, the Microfinance Organization Kashbury operated, which was also headed by Alekseev. The latter is also indicated by the director in the firms Veles, LLC Bet, LLC Stam, and Ferrocom-Service, which, according to SPARK-Interfax, have tax debts or the necessary reporting is not provided.

LLC “Microcredit Company“ Warsaw ”was registered in Moscow in June 2017, and the general director indicated a certain Gerasimov Vadim Vyacheslavovich, who contributed a share capital of 50,000 rubles. It is noteworthy that in the same month, but 20 days earlier in the village of Lomovka, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Cashbury Holding LLC was established, however, data on this legal entity on the website of Incorporation is not available.

Incorporation Data

Plague "Cashbury" penetrated into the neighboring Ukraine. As the “ Observer ” writes, the 170th office of the company opened in Kiev this summer, although it is not available on the official website, and the contacts of the so-called “mentors” are shared only in closed Telegram-chats. At the request of Cashbury, Google displays two sites with a Ukrainian domain that offer instant credits with the option to transfer to a bank card.

According to Observer, Ukrainians, on behalf of Cashbury, provide loans to Invest Finance Finance Company LLC, the ultimate beneficiaries of which are Karen Hovhannisyan, Karine Tumagayan and Kartum Invest, whose founders are the same Oganesyan and Tumagayan.

Interestingly, on January 12, 2018, Invest Finance took part in electronic bidding on a land plot with cadastral number 8000000000: 78: 139: 0055, the ownership of which, according to pre-trial investigation , was allegedly unauthorized re-registered.

It turns out that "Cashbury" is a whole maze of limited liability companies and various specializations. Note that the actual addresses of LLC “Cashbury” and Cashbery Limited are located in Dubai, and telephone numbers are indicated only for Moscow, Kazan, Rostov, Yekaterinburg, Kazakhstan and Mexico. At the same time, if Cashbery Limited and Cashbery International Limited are engaged in “undifferentiated production of private household services for their own needs”, then Cashbery Group Limited and Cashberytrading Limited have the status of investment companies.

Offer worth refusing

The Cashbury site with the slogan “ With us is simple and profitable ” offered potential investors the following areas: microloans to individuals, loans to small and medium businesses, financing secured by movable and immovable property, issuing loans in cryptocurrency, investing directly in cryptocurrency or algorithmic trading with them.

In addition, each tariff had its pompous name: “Luxury”, “Premier”, “Flagship”, “President-Partner”, “VIP-Partner”, “Emperor”. Probably, the calculation was on the same luxury effect, which is present in many fraudulent schemes.

Note that Cashbury promised investors a fantastic profit. For example, the tariff "Luxury" assumed a profit of 220% for 400 days on microloans, and the "Emperor" with a minimum deposit of 500 thousand rubles promised 300% for 400 days. Investing in cryptocurrency or algorithmic trading should have brought 100% for up to 500 days at appropriate rates, although on the main page of the site it is said that profits up to 550% per annum. At the same time, Cashbury offered to charge interest by the day.

The "investment" site offered to carry out in rubles, euros, hryvnias, dollars, tenge, Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, the company allegedly had an insurance guarantee fund to further protect the funds of depositors who bought insurance packages, however, according to Vardanyan, it was disbanded to pay off debts.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation stated that the group of companies under the “Cashbury” brand uses network marketing, promises high profits, but does not have a license to carry out specialized activities, nor does it show signs of real economic activity.

After the transfer of the case to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, on October 12, the “Cashbury” holding was closed , and on November 1 it announced that it was completely closed. All these statements in the format of Youtube-appeals were made by a person who calls himself Arthur Vardanyan, whose identity is at best questionable, since, according to documents of the UK Registration Chamber, at least three Vardanyans are related to companies containing the word “Cashbury” in the title .

Vardanyan on Vardanyan and Vardanyan chases

Sergei Mavrodi once said that his portrait on MMM tickets inspired people with confidence that this man would not run away. Arthur Vardanyan's YouTube videos are likely to have the same effect.

According to the BBC Russian Service , some investors suspect that Artur [Davidovich] Vardanyan does not exist at all, and the resident of Magnitogorsk, Eduard Rezanov, born in June 1988, who looks like a speaker from Youtube-videos, may be hiding.

First left in the second row

One of Rezanov’s acquaintances told the BBC that, although he had seen him a few years ago, his manner of speaking was different from that of a person on Youtube, and the work was not related to finances. Rezanov also allegedly appeared in the video of a local rock band “April 4” in the role of a running man, and its leader Sergey Veremenko is sure that “ Eddie is not one of those who could perform such complicated scams ”, but another person in the video.

Nevertheless, the BBC was able to talk with another acquaintance of Rezanov, who is convinced that Arthur Vardanyan looks and speaks exactly the same way as the said resident of Magnitogorsk. However, the interviewee wished to preserve anonymity.

Also, some users on Youtube found a photo of Rezanov from a club in Magnitogorsk, where a tattoo is visible in the form of an inscription on the outside of his right hand. Adjusting the contrast on the photos from Vardanyan's social networks, one of the enthusiasts managed to see the contours of that tattoo under the shirt.

So, it is impossible to say with absolute probability that Eduard Rezanov really hides behind the personality of Vardanyan, but it would be rash to exclude him from the club of three born in the early 80s Vardanyans.

"Colossus" of the brain

In one of his video messages, Arthur Vardanyan promised to repay the debt to verified users only, and for those who do not want to reveal their identity, he offered to open an equivalent amount deposit in the new project called Global Decentralized Community (GDC), which is supposedly scheduled to start in 87 days.

Part of the debt (25%) Vardanyan promised to cover the Cashbery Coin platform in the native cryptocurrency at the exchange rate for November 1 ($ 1.07). Nevertheless, at the moment the price of the asset, if I may say so, is $ 0.32, having lost more than 80% of the cost since October 1. At the same time, Vardanyan proudly stated that "the growth of a coin at times is just a matter of time" and called for "not to merge at a ridiculous price."

CoinMarketCap data

If the amount owed to the user does not exceed 30,000 rubles, or he withdrawn 90% of the invested funds regardless of the initial amount, then these debts are transferred to the new platform – GDC, Vardanyan stressed. Those who replenish their accounts with the help of electronic payment systems and cryptocurrency platforms will not be able to return their funds for the time being, allegedly because the Cashbury accounts are blocked there.

At the same time, he offered the option of selling his accounts with debts through the so-called “exchange of accounts” and renounce claims to “Cashbury”. The corresponding tab has already appeared on the site, although it still does not work. Nevertheless, on November 12, and cashbury.rf were blocked by the Pervomaisky District Court of the city of Rostov-on-Don, according to the petition of the prosecutor’s office with the support of the Central Bank, since the information on these resources “misleads consumers”.

Vardanyan added that GDC will become the “colossus of the industry” and the company will experience “phenomenal success”, and the fact that “Cashbury” has been thrown at all is a lie of journalists. According to him, GDC will open immediately in 14 countries of the world, conditions on the new site will be extremely attractive, and the project has a white line ahead.

“What we create will amaze the imagination of not only the participants of the MLM world, but of all mankind ,” said Vardanyan.

In the words of Sergey Panteleevich, “ We, unlike the state, have never deceived you. And never deceive! ".

For some reason, after so many lessons in life, people continue to invest money in new financial pyramids, although they themselves with irony remember the fool Lenya Golubkov, who simply wanted to buy boots for his wife, remains a secret with seven seals.

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