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IBM Food Trust



commercial launch of the blockchain platform took place

Technology giant IBM announced the start of a commercial use of the IBM Food Trust blockchain platform based on the Hyperledger Fabric protocol for controlling supply chains in the food industry. The network has already been joined by European retail giant Carrefour, which operates 12,000 stores in 33 countries. This is stated in the official press release .

Other network members are already Nestle, Dole Food, Tyson Foods, Kroger, Unilever and Walmart. The monthly cost of blockchain services from IBM ranges from $ 100 up to $ 10,000.

The release immediately fell under the barrage of criticism from the economist Nouriel Roubini, known as “Doctor Doom”, who said that the “corporate distributed registry” cannot be a blockchain.

“It’s ridiculous to call it a blockchain: private, with limited access and the need for trust, not distributed, without consensus, completely under centralized management of IBM. This is a centralized database. ”

Earlier, 94 participants joined the blockchain platform TradeLens from IBM and Maersk.

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