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Google lifts the ban on advertising services for the exchange of crypto currency in Japan and the US



Google has announced that from October the ban, introduced earlier, will be lifted to advertise advertisements about crypto-currencies . This repeats similar actions taken recently by Facebook, which allowed the placement of pre-approved advertisements on the topic of crypto currency.

Google intends to update its advertising policy in October, allowing advertising on its platform to licensed exchanges in the US and Japan.

Initially, the search engine stated that the decision was made to protect users from fraud and dishonest players who could use a crypto currency boom for fraudulent purposes.

The statement reads :

"Advertisers must be certified using Google for a specific country in which their ads will be displayed. Advertisers will be able to apply for certification after the new policy starts working in October. "

At the same time, Facebook, which banned ICO advertising and crypto currency at the end of January, and in June published an addition to the policy on banned financial products and services, in which it stated that, from June 26, it allowed advertising with advertising of crypto-currency and related content to be published if the advertiser passed the procedure of preliminary approval.