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Forbes creates a cryptocurrency market aggregator, what does the platform include?



Forbes, in partnership with NewCity Digital, NewCity Capital and, launched a cryptocurrency market data aggregator. It is reported Live Bitcoin News .

As can be seen in the screenshot below, the Forbes CryptoMarkets platform provides data on cryptocurrencies by analogy with the popular analytical service CoinMarketcap:

The service also aggregates the latest industry news from various English-language sources and provides data on trading volumes on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges .

In addition, the platform features Forbes indexes :

  • FB30, based on 30 leading capitalization cryptocurrencies ;
  • FB10, covering the top ten largest digital assets;
  • Top Cryptocurrencies Global, which includes the main cryptocurrencies used as a means of payment and a means of preserving value;
  • Top 10 Blockchain and dApps Global, which includes platforms for decentralized applications.

Soon, Forbes CryptoMarkets will be available in several languages, including Russian.