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Forbes: Buying bitcoin below $ 8,000 will be a great investment for the long term



Now is the best time to buy bitcoin , according to Joel Birch, founder of Lunar research company.

In an interview with Forbes, this expert noted the particular attractiveness of the first cryptocurrency at the time of its seasonal decline.

Recall that the result of yesterday's exacerbation of volatility in the cryptocurrency market was the fall of bitcoin to $ 7,500. About the same level, the coin is located today, October 24th.

According to the founder of Lunar, if you buy when the coin is at the bottom and sell when it is trading at the peak, then you have chosen a good strategy.

Birch emphasized :

"I can’t tell you whether Bitcoin will reach $ 4000 or $ 6000, but I can tell you that it does not matter to me, because I believe that any price is good if it is below $ 8000."

The expert is also sure that BTC will reach $ 20,000 anyway, however, he refused to give any indicative dates for the resumption of the coin rally.

Reducing the reward for bitcoin miners in May next year ( halving ) will positively affect the BTC course. We will see trade in the green zone in the first quarter of 2020, and the positive trend will continue until the May halving, Birch concluded.

Publication date 10/25/2019
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