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F2Pool founder: tens of thousands of ASIC miners were disabled after the bitcoin collapse



The founder of the sixth largest mining pool F2Pool [China] published a video in which a huge number of mining devices are simply unloaded onto each other near an unknown building. Also from his WeChat-account, he shared a photo of a person who allegedly sells or buys miners by weight.

Note that some users are convinced that the video and photos captured the effects of the June floods in Sichuan province, when several large mining farms were allegedly destroyed.

The founder of F2Pool added that he was not sure exactly when the video was shot, but shared photos from his own sites, and said that tens of thousands of devices were disconnected, since bitcoin mining for some people was no longer profitable after the recent price collapse .

Heshreyt on the Bitcoin network has shown a significant drop in the last 30 days. So, if on October 31 the hash rate was 58.2 EH / s, today this figure does not exceed 35 EH / s, which means a 40% drop.


We will remind, earlier in the trading company Susquehanna said that the Etuum GPU mining has ceased to be profitable.

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