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Everything about ICO is the most complete and intuitive infographic with analysis of all aspects of ICO



One of the most hotly debated aspects of the cryptocurrency world are the initial offers of coins, better known by the short name ICO .

As you can see from the below infographic prepared by Coindoo and BTXchange, ICO has become a popular means of raising funds for startups in recent years, as they allow projects to receive funds without having to search for venture capital. Based on the ICO structure, start-ups can quickly raise money in exchange for tokens, which are beneficial after the project enters the startup phase.

However, ICOs have a large number of problems that prevent the industry from turning in full force. Interestingly, the main reason ICOs face an uncertain future is the same thing that made them primarily attractive to startups – ICO does not need any regulator.

As you can probably imagine, this is not very pleasing to government agencies around the world.

Despite more than obvious advantages over other, more traditional methods of fundraising, the ICO boom begins to decline as more and more countries around the world began to impose bans on ICOs.

This leads us to a fair question – can a ban really solve the problems that arise in the ICO world? In the end, if it gives you the opportunity to implement incredible projects (for example Ethereum ), is it necessary to prevent all ICOs?

The presented infographics shows the different sides of the financing of ICO projects . This will help readers understand the ICO concept well and provide the knowledge necessary to decide whether bans are the best possible solution to the regulatory problem.