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Ethereum will select half of the market from Bitcoin: Weiss Ratings



Weiss Ratings, a private company that offers market research and analysis of shares in investment funds, insurance companies, banks, credit unions and crypto currency, has issued a bold prediction about the future of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ethereum is a favorite

The rating agency, founded in 1971, regards Bitcoin as a "limited one use case" and reports that over the next five years it will likely lose 50 percent of its market share in favor of ETH.

The reason for the argument is that Ethereum offers more use cases than Bitcoin, with the possibility of creating decentralized applications and smart contracts. Weiss ratings say that the ETH "is supported by excellent blocking technology" and states that "for ETH there are no limits".

In the above tweeter Weiss Ratings, most likely, refer to a new interview in the Business Cloud .