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Don't go to Blockfolio, don't make a mistake: Bitcoin crashes in memes



In touch review of cryptomems, ready to console any cryptohomyachka)

But let's start with sore:

On Wednesday, November 14, the price of bitcoin dropped to its lowest value in 2018 – $ 5,877.72. On Friday, on a number of exchanges, the rate of the first cryptocurrency was $ 5,400, despite the fact that since the beginning of the week the cue ball was in a loose flat .

Oh, if the medicine worked as a technical analysis …


This week, the entire spectrum of trading feelings was reflected in memes:

Many sought salvation in short positions:

Although the choice of the right strategy already seems something impracticable:

Especially for slave newbies:

But the biggest mistake in such a period would be, perhaps, the monitoring of the crypto portfolio every second. Outdoor, tea, not 2017 (

In general, the situation is unenviable:

Only if you have not additionally invested in booze:

This is a damn attraction:

But you will give everything for him:

You finally confess When your wife to about your crypto investments from r / cryptomemes

Dreams Dreams:

Crypto-traders life from r / cryptomemes

Meanwhile, on Thursday, November 15, a hardfork Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency took place on block # 556,766, as a result of which the network was divided into two competing chains.

Bitcoin SV supporter Craig Wright is convinced that this version is the realization of Satoshi Nakamoto's “true vision” . Adherents of the traditional implementation of Bitcoin ABC disagree with him.

Thus, a notable holivar broke out between the developers:

… who by the end of the week was notably fed up with everything:

Crypto wars from r / bitcoinmemes

But ahead of us are well-deserved weekends! And whatever happens to them, remember:

Keep moving to the beat: drain the bucks – take the cue ball)

My buddy made this awesome bitcoin jam. Check it out from r / cryptomemes

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