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Crypto-invalids: how Bitcoin forced traders to cut fingers



Hi, then Saturday memes were delivered for those who are tired after a stressful week.

A sharp drop in Bitcoin up to $ 4048 (on the Bitstamp exchange) predetermined the leitmotif of most cryptomems.

The rules have changed:

And the native is no longer a cake:

And the cue ball is generally time to bury:

Millions slipped right out of their hands:

Again, is there a job to look for?

Among the possible reasons for the drop in the price of the cue ball in a crypto community was the ambiguous fork of Bitcoin Cash .

As the version was considered and the attempt of the whales to drain the hamsters, to be bought on bottoms:

And they did it. Cryptohomies suffered combat losses:

In short, sheer horror:

And on the other hand discounts, after all:

And now let's add some blood to our review. In the summer of 2018, Bitcoin enthusiast Ilya Boev promised to cut off his little finger phalanx if Bitcoin falls below the $ 5,000 mark. As you guess, this week Ilya was not amused. Operational summaries on the situation were published under the hashtags # FalanBoeva ​​and # pinkyBoeva.

“The market is being cleared and is beginning to have real value, it means there will be real victims …”, – Fighting did not give up his words and offered to stream the last moments of his finger on Facebook or Youtube.

It was decided to appoint the operation on December 20, 2018, the International Day of People’s Solidarity. Previously, Boev filled himself with a dotted tattoo along the line of the future incision.

Adventurer's followers briskly picked up a discussion of the upcoming surgery:

Some of the subscribers seemed to take pity on Ilya and suggested a number of more “humane” ideas:

But black humor took over:

In general, the week of the dump was rich in jokes:

“Why won't the government accept bitcoin?” – They hate the idea of ​​"proof of work."

– How many miners do you need to change a light bulb? – Million. One to do this, and 999.999 to confirm that it was done.

– How does Mt.Gox differ from a wedding? – After Mt.Gox, there is still hope to return at least part of their funds.

By the end of the week, fate took pity on traders and the cue-ball grew back a little, returning to $ 4,300.

Surely we entered the bull market?

When the markets are not getting crashed. from r / cryptomemes

Or plantain helped?

Concentrate on the good, because all the bad will pass along with the passing year:

… and let it happen epically, to the music of blockchain rhapsody:

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