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Crypto Exchange of Huobi creates a trading platform based on cryptocurrency EOS



Huobi Pool, the mining division of the Huobi Group, will launch the first exchange in the first quarter of 2019, which will be based on the EOS cryptocurrency (EOS) .

“As an EOS superstar, Huobi Pool put environmental development in first place on its list of priorities ,” said Cao Fei , CEO of Huobi Pool.

Cao Fei also added that the launch of this exchange is the next logical step in supporting the project. The new trading platform will allow customers to trade EOS against a number of other cryptocurrencies.

Just a couple of days ago, Huobi cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of the EOS derivatives market, offering three types of contracts:

  • weekly,
  • two weeks
  • quarterly.

And this is definitely a good sign for the community and the ecosystem as a whole, but you should not forget that Huobi was rightly accused of creating a mutual voting scheme and sharing revenue from creating blocks in EOS, and judging by all this practice in the network is quite normal, because yet another 21 manufacturers of blocks offered financial rewards for getting votes to their address.

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