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Cooperation SWIFT – Ripple



The popularity of Ripple is gaining momentum lately. Every day, more and more users are tracking not only news about the strategic alliances of this company, but also technological advances, as well as price fluctuations XRP.

Recently there has been a rumor that SWIFT, a representative of the traditional money transfer system, can use Ripple technology in its work.

One of the reasons for this rumor is the presence of Ripple at the Sibos conference, which, in turn, is organized by SWIFT. The conference will take place in Sydney next week. As a rule, at this event the most important exponents of the world of finance meet to discuss the strategic directions of the development of technologies applied to the economy.

It is also likely that, instead of a commercial partnership, SWIFT aims to become a direct rival to Ripple. But any efforts made by either Ripple or SWIFT to unify the two markets that were considered antagonistic until recently are admirable.

And what do you think about this?