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Coingeek website has undergone a DDoS attack on the eve of hard forks Bitcoin Cash



The owner of the largest BCH pool, Kelvin Air, reported a DDoS attack on his news site.

“Ha ha ha. Someone ddosit … That's why I believe that the initiative should be taken from the adults, that is, the miners. You cannot create an industry or business through a platform operated by children , ”wrote a supporter of the alternative implementation of Bitcoin Cash called Bitcoin SV.

In all likelihood, the attack was not very powerful and did not last long, because soon a supporter of blocks of 128 MB laughed at the "childish incompetence" of the attackers.

“They can't even put a website for one day. CoinGeek resumed work "

After he added the following:

“I want to thank my DDoS friends. The free stress test they did made my site safer. An approaching bitcoin stress test will similarly reveal weaknesses, making the network more reliable. We are convinced that Bitcoin SV will strengthen the network. Who blocks 128 MB?

It is possible that the attack on the news site, which is not so significant in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, was a kind of warning from opponents of the implementation of Bitcoin SV, competing with the traditional implementation of Bitcoin ABC.

Note that the eponymous Kelvin Eyre pool is the largest Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

Data: CoinDance

Moreover, approximately one hour before hardforka, support by the miners of the Bitcoin SV solution is more than 73%.

This indicates a high probability of splitting the main fork of Bitcoin into two competing chains, as well as the potential possibility of “51% attacks” on Bitcoin ABC from the side of admirers of the “initial vision of Satoshi”.

Earlier, BlockchainJournal published material on what hardfork and softfork are, as well as on the most well-known attempts to drastically improve Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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