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Co-founder of Blockstream offered to scale Bitcoin using softforks



Co-founder of Blockstream and well-known Bitcoin developer Mark Friedenbach presented a solution for scaling the first cryptocurrency Forward Blocks. According to him, to increase the block size or switch to an alternative PoW-algorithm, you no longer need to perform hard forks.

Friedenbach stressed that the new solution will enhance Bitcoin's resilience in front of censorship through sharding. At the same time, he added that he borrowed the term from the scope of databases and does not mean technology Ethereum.

The new mechanism combines different approaches to forking and, I am convinced the co-founder of Blockstream, each eliminates the shortcomings of each due to the advantages of others.

Initially, the developer studied the possibility of switching to an alternative algorithm Proof-Of-Work through softforka and the creation of the so-called dual PoW. Then the concept of Forward Blocks appeared.

Friedenbach himself is an active supporter of various hybrid PoW-algorithms and models of combined mining.

The use of Forward Blocks to create "forward chains" and sharding in the Bitcoin network, the developer said, can ultimately help to process up to 11 transactions from every person in the world within 24 hours.

Earlier, Bitcoin Core developer John Newbury introduced the Bitcoin Optech initiative, in which experienced developers will help companies using Bitcoin software to implement solutions for network scaling.

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