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Co-founder Augur withdrew the case for $ 152 million against his former partners



A California court closed the case against the founders of the Augur decentralized market for predictions. This is reported by Forbes .

In April, the former founder of the prediction platform, Matthew Liston, accused investor fraud Joseph Bell Costello and other Augur founders, Jack Peterson, Joseph Charles Crewe and Jeremy Gardner. Their fraud, harassment and malicious intent, Liston said, caused him to be forcedly removed from the project in 2014.

The former founder of Augur wanted to receive compensation in the amount of $ 152 million. According to the publication, this case could be one of the most expensive among individuals in the history of the cryptoindustry.

However, in October, the prosecution in the face of the company Balloun Law asked to discontinue consideration of the claim and the court removed the case from the agenda. Matthew Liston declined to comment.

As stated in the court record, in September the parties reached an agreement and work together on a written settlement of the conflict.

Note that in the summer the Augur platform was under fire after the “murder markets” were discovered.

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