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Cloud mining service BitDeer launched a line of tariff plans on new miners



Cloud mining service BitDeer announced the launch of new miners and tariff plans. The company noted that the new proposal is related to the growth of the customer base by 1350% since the official launch on December 13.

Cloud mining allows a client to rent the computing power of a provider for mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. BitDeer has strategic partnership agreements with the largest mining pools AntPool and

BitDeer customers will be able to use new equipment under medium and long-term contracts. In particular, the new ASIC-miners will be:

  • use the SHA-256 algorithm;
  • have a maximum computing power of 23 terahesh / second with a power consumption of 1.6 kW;
  • have a high heat emission coefficient due to Exposed-Die technology, which ensures high efficiency of cooling of miners.

The company claims that the maintenance fee for such miners will be 10 cents per day. BitDeer equipment is located on the territory of AntPool and data centers in Asia and America. BitDeer customers will automatically make a profit from mining to their specified wallet. In total, the network employs more than 100 thousand specialized devices.

“Through direct communication with the world's largest mining pools, miners will be able to manage the mining process in real time ,” says Selin Liu, CEO of BitDeer.

Initially, BitDeer offered eight tariff plans for 30 days. However, due to the fact that five of them were sold out in just a few days, the company offered longer plans for 90, 270 and 360 days. More information about them can be found on the company's website .

In addition, BitDeer offers new customers to participate in the referral program. The participant, on whose link the new user has registered, will receive a bonus of 2% of the income of the guest, while the guest will receive a discount on the platform services. The size of the bonus payout, however, cannot exceed $ 10,000.

For the Russian-speaking audience, the official BitDeer group in VK works. In addition, mining pool operators can enter into a partnership agreement with BitDeer.

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