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China updates the rating of the crypto-currency: Bitcoin surrenders positions



The Chinese Center for the Development of the Information Industry (CCID) has updated its crypto-currency ratings. The list contains 33 currencies, evaluated in general and in three separate categories. A high rating in the overall ranking is EOS, Ethereum and Bitshares. However Bitcoin's crypto currency was not included in the TOP.

In the overall ranking, the center placed the EOS at the top of the list, followed by Ethereum, followed by Bitshares. EOS and Ethereum were also at the top of the overall ranking last month. However, Bitshares jumped from 12th place to 3rd.

Bitcoin dropped from 10th place to 16th, while BCH also fell to several places, from 29th place to 31st. In the category of innovation, however, BTC tops the list, and EOS – in third place.

EOS and Ethereum hold TOP, Bitcoin has fallen to several positions

In May, the center issued a rating of 28 crypto-currency projects. Two more projects were added in June, one in July and two in August. Last month, BTC was first in the top ten in the general category.

The Center explained that there were some improvements in the latest assessment methodology compared to the previous month, stating:

"The evaluation of tools was classified and refined, and the method of accounting for actual network capacity was optimized."

Referring to the last rating, CCID writes:

"Compared to the previous period, the EOS and Ethereum indexes decreased by 13.2 and 5.3, respectively, and Bitshares increased by 9.9. The position of Bitshares also increased from the 12th in the previous period to the 3rd place ".

Earlier it was reported that IBM filed another Blockchain-patent to create a system for secure data exchange between unmanned aerial vehicles.

Author: Olga Novikova, analyst of Freedman Club Crypto News
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