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CEO TRON intrigued the crypto community with news of a multi-billion dollar partnership.



The head of the TRON project Justin Sun announced a partnership with an unnamed company valued at "tens of billions of dollars."

“Finally, for the first time, a giant of the industry, estimated at tens of billions of dollars, became our partner. Guess the name »

Sana's Twitter followers immediately began making various assumptions. One expressed confidence that this is Alibaba.

He argued his assumption that the Twitter profile of Justin San stated that he graduated from the university founded by the head of the Alibaba Group Jack Ma.

Many social network members criticized this version. One user noted that Alibaba is worth $ 500 billion, and not “some tens of billions,” another criticized the feasibility of the partnership of the famous Internet giant with the TRON project:

Some have suggested that the “mysterious company” is Baidu, Clover or Disney.

Note that Justin Sun is not the first time excites the crypto community with his tweets. So, he recently said that the updated TRON network will surpass Ethereum by 200 times and will be “100 times cheaper than EOS” .

Shortly before the TRON Foundation announced the promotion of the activity of BitTorrent users to TRX tokens .

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