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Cardano and QTUM have grown thanks to the listing on Kraken



Cardano (ADA) and QTUM (QTUM) today, September 28, have been listed on the Kraken exchange. Both assets can be traded in pairs to the USD, the Canadian dollar, the euro, MTC, ETN.

In recent weeks, the ADA has shown relative weakness. Listing on Kraken pushed the price up. The coin has left the region $ 0.07 and over the past days has reached a maximum of $ 0.088. In the morning ADA was sold at $ 0.085 – an increase of 8.15% per day.

QTUM also responded. The price of the asset rose to $ 4.11, then in the morning a little passed back to $ 3.82.

The Kraken Exchange at first glance pushed aside the boom on Asian markets. But it still remains an important part of the crypto infrastructure. The daily trading volume is approximately $ 160 million, about a tenth of the turnover of Binance or OKEx.

With a relatively small share in the market, the site works as a springboard for coins traded for Fiat. In Europe it is completely legalized, and mostly small investors and miners work here. It is likely that the small traders decided to replenish the portfolio with the ADA and QTUM tokens, so the price jump.

Coins have so far dropped in price for 3 months, but analysts are waiting for a trend reversal. Assets predicted a price much higher than the current levels: QTUM predicted a price with three zeros, and ADA – above $ 1. But the protracted bear market and urgent sales kept coins at lower levels.