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BlueWallet will support LN transactions through HodlHodl



Representatives of the popular BlueWallet crypto-wallet announced a partnership with the non-custodian P2P exchange HodlHodl, which will provide support for BTC trading along with the ability to conduct transactions through the Lightning Network.

This collaboration will allow users of the two services to conduct operations with cryptocurrency both within the network and through the Lightning Network. It is still unknown when exactly the release of the new functionality will take place, however, it is expected that this will happen at the end of this year or in the first two quarters of next year.

The new functionality will not only increase liquidity on two platforms, but will also increase the spread of the unique Lightning Network technology. In addition, users will be able to buy and sell BTC using the HodlHodl service, but will not leave the BlueWallet interface. Customers will also be able to benefit from the use of an exrow system with multi-signature support.

Max Kaidun, CEO of HodlHodl, drew attention to the fact that BlueWallet is one of the first partners to use the exchange API. In the future, the company intends to talk about many other collaborations.

BlueWallet previously integrated with the decentralized exchange ZigZag, which also supports the Lightning Network. So, it is assumed that the wallet will have even more users who actively use LN.