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EOS News is preparing to launch the social network Voice on the EOS-blockchain



Startup, which last year reportedly collected a record amount of $ 4.2 billion via ICO, is set to launch the social network Voice built on the EOS blockchain.

Users of the Voice social network will have the opportunity to post, share, and promote various content. All user actions will be saved in the EOS blockchain. A social network that uses innovative technology can potentially provide users with more control over publications, in particular those that contain images.

Brendan Blamer, CEO of, notes that currently popular social networks have been designed to benefit from their users. In this case, the entire reward for the activity goes to the platform, and not to the user himself. It is assumed that Voice will be able to fix this problem.

It is noteworthy that the team is not the first who is interested in the development of a social network based on the blockchain. Representatives of the Kik messenger are also working on integrating their product with the blockchain – the messenger users have gained access to the Kin token, which originally used the Ethereum blockchain, and then transferred to Stellar. The details of the launch and operation of the social network Voice is yet to be found.