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Bittrex International suspends services in Venezuela and another 30 countries



Bittrex International, a division of the US Bittrex crypto exchange based in Malta, will no longer provide access to its Venezuelan platform and 30 other countries.

The Exchange informed each user of their intentions personally via e-mail, the message states that the account will be blocked and, in fact, access to trade will occur on October 29th. Representatives of the company recommended users to withdraw all their funds before this date.

According to the statement, the residents of Venezuela will lose access to the crypto exchange – it is not known, however, for what reason the platform is closing for Venezuela. In addition to this country, residents of Uganda, Yemen, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Bosnia and Herzogovini, the Central African Republic, Côte d'Ivoire will lose access to the Maltese site.

Recall that in Venezuela, decentralized digital currencies, in particular Bitcoin, are of particular importance, as they help the country cope with US sanctions. In early September, BTC trading volumes in Venezuela peaked at LocalBitcoins. On October 1, news appeared that the two Venezuelan companies began to collaborate in order to introduce together a cryptocurrency debit card and PoS system that will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH and Petro.

Yesterday, another popular U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, Poloniex, announced its intention to separate from its parent company Circle in order to provide users with access to a new trading platform that will not be available to residents of the United States.