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Bitmain announced the launch of ASIC Antminer S15 and T15 sales, prices and performance



The leading manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain announced the start of sales of new ASIC-devices Antminer for mining Bitcoin – S15 and T15, equipped with 7-nm chips.

According to the information on the company's website, the cost of the devices presented in two versions is $ 1,475 for the Antminer S15 and $ 913 for the Antminer T15 . The tentative start of deliveries is between December 20 and 31, 2018.

Antimer S15 provides a new level of energy efficiency through the use of a 7-chip, combining more than 1 billion transistors per unit. This feature greatly improves the computational characteristics of Antminer.

In addition, the Antminer S15 chip uses a new matrix packaging solution that goes beyond the traditional framework. The back side of the plate contacts directly with the heat sink, greatly improving the efficiency of heat transfer.

The high-performance model Antminer S15 can reach a hash rate of 28 Th / s with energy efficiency up to 57 J / TH; while the energy-saving model achieves a figure of 50 J / TH, maintaining the hash rate at 17 TH / s.

As for the Antminer T15, the older model achieves a figure of 23 Th / s with energy efficiency up to 67 J / TH; The energy saving model has 20 TH / s with an energy efficiency of 60 J / TH.

Both models have an improved heat transfer system. The devices use a parallel fan design, which allows to reduce the air flow rate and reduce its resistance. As a result, the reliability of ASIC miners has been enhanced while reducing maintenance costs.

As the manufacturer notes, thanks to the all-in-one design, both models are ideal for large mining farms . Moreover, they can be installed both vertically and horizontally, which makes them “flexible” in relation to planning a mining space.

Due to the new high-voltage power supply APW8 and high-voltage output of 16–18 V, S15 and T15 suffer less power loss during the energy conversion process, helping to save energy.