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Bitfury launches new generation of ASIC-miners for crypto currency Bitkoyn



According to a recent statement, Bitfury Group has launched a new generation of its equipment for the Bitcoin crypto currency mining, ASIC Bitfury Clarke.

The ASIC chip is part of an intelligent equipment designed to mine a digital currency based on a specific hashing algorithm.

It is intended for specific use, not for general use.

Bitfury Clarke will be sold individually in addition to integration into other Bitcoin production equipment, including its production servers and BlockBoxes.

Bitfury plans to introduce a new ASIC into its mining farms in Canada, Norway, Iceland and Georgia. The ad details all the features of the new device:

"14-nm Bitfury Clarke is fully tuned for Bitcoin SHA256 mining. It can perform hashing of up to 120 GH / s and an energy efficiency factor of up to 55 mJ / GHz. "

In December, Bitfury facilitated the launch of the Hut 8 Bitutoin Startup in Toronto, giving them access to equipment and other needs. In July, Hut 8 said that it became the world's largest public power trader. It is reported that since its initial launch, the company produced about 1,900 BTC.

Given the current trend in the cost of crypto currency in 2018, prices for specialized graphics processors (GPUs) were declining along with the collapse of the market. In April, AMD-4GB RX 580 graphics processors were sold at $ 3,600, and in July their price reached $ 2,500. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition, 8 GB video card was sold with a peak price of $ 1,050, but in July it could be bought for $ 709.

Earlier it was reported that the level of market capitalization of Ripple's crypto currency exceeded Ethereum and now XRP takes 2nd place after Bitcoin, according to CoinMarketCap.

Author: Olga Novikova, analyst of Freedman Club Crypto News
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