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Bitfinex will stop trading on January 7 due to migration to new servers



The popular Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex and its subsidiary platform Ethfinex will suspend trading on Monday, January 7, 2019, in connection with the transition to new servers. It is expected that this process will take from three to seven hours.

The message iFinex says that the company finally refuses to use the cloud service AWS and goes to its own infrastructure with hosting in a data center in the Swiss Cryptodoline. Technical support is provided by the company Market Synergy.

Own dedicated servers and carefully selected hardware, the company said, are designed to ensure uninterrupted trade in high volumes.

The final stage of this process will be the departure of all platforms offline – during this period, users will not be able to trade and will not have access to their wallets.

According to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the new infrastructure will at least double its productivity. Professional trading companies will be able to use a cross-connection, due to which the delay for them will be reduced from 60–100 milliseconds to 5–15 milliseconds.

It also announces a higher level of security – the new Bitfinex infrastructure will save the company from having to rely on a third-party service provider.

Recall that earlier this week Bitfinex announced the start of margin trading in the USDT / USD pair.

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