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Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange triple raised minimum commission for Fiat withdrawal



Bitfinex Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Exchange increased the minimum commission for withdrawing fiat funds to a bank account to $ 60 / € 60. At the same time, no notification on social networks was published.

Thus, as of November 25, the exchange will charge a minimum fee of $ 60 / € 60 or 0.1% of the withdrawal amount. If the user needs a translation within 24 hours on weekdays, then the cost of such a service will be 1%.

At the same time, in accordance with the new exchange policy, users who withdraw Fiat more than twice a month or for an amount exceeding $ 1 million will have to pay a commission of 3%.

However, as early as November 7, according to data from the Internet archive , the minimum fee for withdrawing Fiat was only $ 20.

Recall earlier operator Hong Kong Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex company iFinex Inc. hired a new provider of offshore services in the face of the law firm SHRM Trustees (BVI) Ltd., ceasing cooperation with Estera Corporate Services (BVI) Ltd. (formerly Appleby).

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