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Bitcoin reached the top 10 in the Chinese rating of



The Chinese Center for the Development of the Informatics Industry (CCID) has updated the rating of crypto-currencies, based on the analysis of block-technologies in terms of practical application.

Bitcoin finally reached the top ten, jumping six crypto-currencies from 16th place, which was located a month earlier.

Bitcoin reached the top 10 in the Chinese ranking

"In terms of innovation, the recent Bitcoin update updates its rating. In general, the five most innovative coins: EOS, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Hcash and Stratis. "

EOS remains a favorite of the Center in terms of basic technology, but lost points on the criterion of creativity. In early July, the coin was gaining 44.1, and now only 36.7. But the basic technology of crypto currency is still the most important parameter, therefore EOS remains in the first place.

"Basic technology is the technical level of a working public detachment. This includes functions, performance, security and decentralization. In the general rating, this criterion takes up 65% of the weight. "

It is interesting that the Center gives the EOS the most points in the category, which includes the notion of decentralization. A few months ago, ECAF, the arbitrator of the EOS network, froze 27 accounts suspected of fraud – this can not be called a hundred percent decentralization. But such a body, in the opinion of the community, is necessary for a more rapid response to emerging problems.

Tezos also received points for "outstanding technological innovation", why it was added to the rating together with NULS. Tezos lost a lot in price in mid-July, but still remains in 16th place in the CoinMarketCap rating. He continues to maintain a large market capitalization and actively trade on the market.

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