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Bitcoin price forecasts (BTC): $ 5,800 or $ 15,000 by December?



At the moment, the price of Bitcoin hovers around $ 6,300. The RSI remains close to the oversold zone, although there are no signs of a reversal yet. This implies that a downward trend may be observed in the near future.

However, according to a survey from, many crit experts believe that the first digital coin will grow to $ 8,000 by December 1. According to average estimates, this month BTC will grow by 29%, and by the end of 2019 – by about 160% and will be about 16,000 US dollars.

Joerg Molt, co-founder of Satoshi School, presented the most optimistic forecast. Molt said that the BTC will grow to $ 15,000 by December 1 of this year amid the US tax season.

Fred Shebest, CEO and co-founder of, was the only one who predicted Bitcoin prices would drop to $ 5,800.

And what is your forecast for the first digital coin in the near future?