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Bitcoin mined 18 of the 21 million BTC – 85.71% of the maximum number



October 19, 2019 is an important date for bitcoin, when the royal coin officially overstepped the issue of 18 million, respectively, about 3 million coins remained to be obtained. Given the halving on May 14, 2020, mining the remaining BTC will take more than a hundred years.

“ Bitcoin block number 600,000 has just been mined, and now there are 18 million Bitcoins (BTC) in circulation. It will take approximately 2.5 years to achieve an emission of 19 million, another 4 years will be required to reach 20 million.

After that, it will take more than 100 years to reach the limit of 21 million, ” Crypto Bull tweeted.

“Currently, 18 million bitcoins have been mined, only 3 million left for 7 billion people around the world ,” added Bitcoin enthusiast Michel Kansu.

“18 million bitcoins were mined in 10 years of excellent work. Only 3 million left.

Free from censorship, fair, transparent, decentralized, independent, limited, democratic, future and the first digital store of values – the younger brother of gold, ” Mark Friedrich joined in with other comments.

Publication date 10/20/2019
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