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Bitcoin hashrate has increased by 38%, the price is recovering



On November 24, the hashrate in the main Bitcoin network amounted to 47.2 EH / s, which is 38% more than the average of 34.7 EH / s.

The aggregate capacity of the first cryptocurrency network showed a significant decline along with the fall in the value of the asset itself. At the same time, part of the mining devices switched to Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV forks networks, between which the so-called “ hashrate war ” is fought .

This week, the founder of the sixth largest mining pool, F2Pool, reported that tens of thousands of ASIC devices have been shut down due to losses associated with the collapse.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is trading at around $ 3,900, showing corrective growth over the past hours. On the Bitfinex exchange, the bulls managed to hold out for a short time over the $ 4,000 mark.

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