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Bitcoin exchange Binance Uganda announced taking deposits



Binance Uganda Cryptophytes Exchange will start accepting deposits and open up conclusions in Ugandan shillings on Wednesday 17 October. Today, October 15, the exchange will launch procedures Know Your Customer (KYC). This was reported to BlockchainJournal by representatives of the site.

Initially, the exchange will support trading in pairs of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) with Ugandan shilling (UGX). Other pairs will be added in the future. During the first month, users will be exempt from paying trade commissions.

“We are officially launching our first crypto fiat exchange in Uganda. This first step in the implementation of blockchain technologies will help sustain sustainable economic growth in Africa. We hope to bring even more innovations to the region, ”said Ju Wei, CFO Binance.

Note Binance Uganda uses technology developed by Binance. It is capable of processing 1.4 million transactions per second and provides round-the-clock user support. Registration for Binance Uganda is open from June 28th.

Recall that earlier in October, Binance announced the first major delist of digital assets, in which it removed Bytecoin, Iconomi, ChatCoin and Triggers from cryptocurrency trading.

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