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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: what is the forecast for the top 3 cryptocurrency?



Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: what is the forecast for the top 3 cryptocurrency?

At the moment, there is a minimum trading volume, and this raises assumptions about the direction in which prices will move.

Further, we will take a closer look at each of the top 3 cryptocurrencies.


BTC / USD 240-min

BTC / USD is currently trading at a price of $ 6,485. The price is around powerful moving averages, awaiting an event that will provide enough energy for a jerk. The BTC / USD pair broke through the bullish trend line, which emerged from the September lows, managed to recover and remains above those levels.

The first support will be at the price level of $ 6,478. A fall below this level may result in the BTC / USD price in the lower support area being $ 6,370.

Above the current price, the first resistance will be $ 6,490 (SMA200). The second resistance is $ 6,550 (SMA100), the third is $ 6,557 (EMA50), which converges with resistance at $ 6.560.

MACD 240-min – the downward turn is represented on the chart. The lines show good openness and slope. The trajectory is ambiguous, because it is possible as the rise above the zero line, and fall.

DMI 240-min – indicates that the bears began to dominate.

ETH / USD 240-min.

At the moment, ETH / USD is trading at a price of $ 224. The structure is technically more positive than that of BTC, although it also risks the trend line, which led to a fall in prices in early September.

The first support will be $ 222. Below this level there may be a reduction to SMA200 – $ 217.

Above the current price for a pair of ETH / USD resistance is expected between $ 224 (SMA100) and $ 225 (EMA50). The next resistance goes to a distant $ 270. It is worth noting that the growth of Ethereum is very likely.

MACD 240-min – the graph shows a slight slope and a good distance between the lines. It also remains above the zero line.

DMI 240-min – indicates the bears controlling the situation, but the bulls also do not retreat, staying above the 20th level.

XRP / USD 240-min

The price of a pair of XRP / USD is $ 0.466.

Below the current price, the first support for XRP / USD will be at $ 0.46. Below this important support, the next level will be $ 0.442. The third level of support is a merger of SMA200 and a price level of $ 0.43.

The first resistance is a price of $ 0.498 (EMA50), and the second resistance is $ 0.505. The next resistance is $ 0.522 (SMA100).

MACD 240-min — shows a horizontal chart that moves below the zero line.

DMI 240-min – indicates that bears are gradually increasing their dominance, following a rhythm similar to the rhythm of bulls, but in the opposite direction. ADX accelerates with the latest falls.

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