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Binance is the first cryptocurrency exchange to list with the Blockstack token



Representatives of the world's largest crypto platform Binance reported that from October 25, the exchange begins to support the Blockstack project token – it will be placed under the STX ticker.

In preparation for trading, the company has already opened accepting deposits, in the future, users will have access to the following trading pairs: STX / BNB, STX / BTC and STX / USDT. According to Blockstack, the STX token will also be open for trading on the Hashkey Pro platform, the activity of which is focused on institutional clients. The purchase and sale of the token will not be available to US residents on either Binance or Hashkey Pro.

It is noteworthy that Blockstack is the first crypto project that managed to get approval from the SEC to organize a token sale in accordance with the “A +” position. It implies permission for small companies to engage in raising money from the general public – as part of this process, less burdensome requirements are applied to companies than during an IPO.

Blockstack started in 2013, when the startup was called “Onename”. The project is known for the development of a decentralized Internet, it managed to attract about $ 50 million from well-known personalities and companies in the crypto space, in particular from the Winklovss brothers, Digital Currency Group, as well as Version One and others. This winter, information appeared that the project began developing a new distributed Stacks protocol – it is based on the use of the hash power of the Bitcoin network and the Proof-of-Burn mechanism.