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Bancor has created a platform for cross-exchange of tokens of EOS and Ethereum blockchains



Bancor startup team Bancor announced that in partnership with, it was able to realize the possibility of cross-exchange of digital tokens of two blockchains: EOS (EOS) and Ethereum (ETH).

According to the publication, in September, the company first announced its cooperation and investment in The announcement, published just a few hours ago, reads as follows:

“BancorX platform provides automated exchange of Ethereum and EOS virtual coins without the need to make deposits on the stock exchange, as well as without coordinating transactions between buyers and sellers.”

Currently, the BancorX platform supports a large number of ERhere-based ERC20 tokens and uses its own BTN cryptocurrency to cross-coin coins.

Bancor's blockchain startup team also noted that LiquidEOS was involved in building a cross-running decentralized application (dApp).