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Bancor announced the start of cross-platform trades tokens between networks Ethereum and EOS



Bancor, a decentralized liquidity provider, has announced the completion of the integration of the EOS blockchain and the start of cross-platform token trading between this network and Ethereum. Reported by the Cointelegraph .

The upcoming launch of the BancorX product, which will enable the conversion of EOS assets into Ethereum tokens directly without the participation of exchanges, was announced in September.

As representatives of the platform now say, the integration process has been completed, and this opens up the possibility of adding a huge number of other blockchains to BancorX. The decentralized application created for this purpose was created in partnership with LiquidEOS, its own manufacturer of EOS units.

“The ability to easily convert assets between different blockchains points to the future, where projects with their tokens and users can interact with the blockchains they need without any problems, ” said Galati Benartzi, co-founder and business development director of Bancor.

The company also announced that Bprotocol Foundation is using a new tool to transfer $ 10 billion worth of funds to the EOS blockchain. This should serve as a sign of application security and faith in the potential of the EOS blockchain, as well as stimulate further EOS development and increase liquidity.

BancorX currently has a whole range of ERC-20 standard tokens using its own BNT token for cross-platform transfers.

It is worth noting that the BNT token, which shows some of the worst results after the ICO project that collected $ 140 million in 2017, almost did not react to today's news. Bargaining at the time of publication in the region of $ 1.35, for the last day BNT, according to CoinMarketCap , lost in the price of 0.38%.

As BlockchainJournal wrote earlier, the results of Whiteblock Inc. EOS benchmarking tests showed that in reality we are talking about a distributed homogeneous database management system, not a blockchain, while the RAM market is a cloud computing service. It was also discovered to find that the EOS throughput is significantly lower than stated in marketing materials [below 50 Tps].

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