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Bakkt will introduce a crypto payment application in the first half of 2020



Bakkt's Bitcoin futures platform, which was launched this fall, intends to provide its customers with access to a new application with which it will be possible to carry out operations with cryptocurrency. It is expected that the launch of development will take place in the first half of next year.

Mike Blandina, product development chief at Bakkt, explained that the decision to launch a consumer application was dictated by the desire to reveal the value of crypto assets and innovative options for exchanging and tracking them. Partners who will support the functionality of the application will be able to expand the circle of their customers, which are characterized by higher purchasing power. It is known that Starbucks will be the first company to be able to experience all the advantages of using the new product. Bakkt believes that Starbucks, as the largest retailer, will play a key role in the distribution of applications that allow consumers to easily convert digital assets into USD in a simple, secure, regulated way.

The main feature of the Bakkt application, according to Blandina, is the support of an extended list of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies. Users will receive the same level of convenience that investors use when trading securities using the accounts of retail brokers.

In the crypto community, one can often hear that the success of cryptocurrencies and the technology they use can be talked about when users stop thinking about the principle of its functioning and are worried about the safety of its use. Bakkt representatives believe that this can be achieved by improving the functionality intended for conducting operations with cryptocurrency and promoting such developments to the masses.