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Bakkt platform set a new record for trading volume of bitcoin futures



The volume of bitcoin futures on the Bakkt digital asset platform reached a new record high; at the time of writing, 452 contracts were sold.

According to the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the Bakkt operator, the last recorded trading price was set at $ 7,400 for bitcoin . In November 2019, 441 contracts were sold, in December – 11 futures contracts, the last recorded trading price was $ 7,407.

Twitter account Bakkt Volume Bot, which monitors activity on the platform in real time, said that by the end of the day the number of futures BTC-contracts will reach 1,089 BTC.

EToro Senior Analyst Mati Greenspan also noted an increase in contract volume at the beginning of the day.

In October, ICE held the first trading of bitcoin futures on Bakkt. The company said that the transaction was concluded between the bank-seller of digital assets Galaxy Digital and the crypto investment company XBTO.

“Last week, we bought the first Bakkt Bitcoin contract and made the first physical delivery of a digital asset in accordance with applicable laws and regulations on commodity futures.

This week we completed the first block of trading. We are pleased to announce that the launch was successful and allows us to carry out major transactions , ”commented on the deal at XBTO.

Publication date 10/24/2019
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