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Bakkt intends to launch the first regulated options for BTC futures in the USA



Bakkt, an American crypto-derivative platform, announced that the launch of regulated option contracts for deliverable BTC futures will take place on December 9th.

Kelly Loffler, Bakkt CEO, noted that the decision to launch a new instrument on the market was made taking into account the multiple feedback from the platform’s customers. First of all, according to Loffler, it can be used to hedge, increase profits, increase efficiency in terms of costs and preserve capital.

Note that when interacting with futures, both parties subscribe to the fulfillment of the conditions stipulated by the contract. Moreover, the option gives the buyer the right to purchase and sell the asset at a predetermined value at a particular time in the future. The one who sells the option cannot refuse to fulfill the conditions assumed by the contract – the risks are compensated by the remuneration that he receives from the buyer when concluding the transaction.

Unlike BTC futures of the American platform, option contracts will provide customers with the opportunity to receive payments in traditional currency, the probability of paying the cryptocurrency itself is not excluded.