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Azart Crypto currency with possibility of mining – innovation for the gambling industry



Online gambling is an industry that has been actively developing in the last decade. In many countries, gambling is banned, and it is thanks to online gambling that many players have the opportunity to participate in them without leaving home. At the same time, one of the main problems in online gambling is that until now this industry was an exceptionally profitable enterprise for gambling services, where they always earned money on players.

However, imagine that gamblers no longer need to pay a commission for participating in games, and in addition they will have the opportunity to receive additional income due to mining and master work. Now we will explain what is at stake.

And we are talking about the AzartPay project , the creators of which presented Azart crypto currency with absolutely new characteristics for the online gambling industry. The newest technologies are constantly being introduced into the gambling business, and the crypto-currencies here are no exception. Bitcoin-casino and other gambling services of this sphere, which use crypto currency, are in abundance in the market. AzartPay is a new word in the use of decentralized technologies in online gambling.

Briefly about the project

Here it is important to note that AzartPay is not just another online casino with the possibility of paying in the crypto currency. AzartPay today is a merchant service with an open API for connecting payments in the Azart crypto currency. The decentralized AzartPay platform has already been launched with the ability to integrate third-party gaming services.

The creators plan to turn AzartPay into a large-scale platform with an open API for connecting the services of the gambling industry. Within the framework of this site there will be no commission "House Edge", which is a fee for the opportunity to participate in the game (on average it is from 0.5 to 5% of the rate), and also will use Azart's own crypto currency . And already in the fourth quarter of 2018, the connection of partner services will begin, and by the beginning of 2019 there will be launch of own gaming services.

Azart crypto currency clearing

Yes, Azart is not the first crypto currency to appear in the online gambling industry. But one of the first, which can be minced. Thus, Azart is not an ordinary ICO-token, it is a mining coin with its own blocking. The maximum number of coins issued is 25,000,000.

Azart Crypto currency uses algorithm X11. The coining of Azart coins is carried out on any of the axes intended for this algorithm. Calculate the profitability of the Azart mining by using a calculator . Select a pool for the help pool browser . In addition, it is possible to install the master Azod. To do this, it is necessary to mint or buy 10 000 Azart coins, then install the master log and continue to receive income from its work.

Join the Azart community in Discord , where you can find useful links, as well as get help when setting up the mining or installing the masterware. The reward for the Azart block will gradually decrease from 21 to 2 coins per block for 9 years. Do not miss your opportunity to get more Azart coins today!

Latest news AzartPay

If we talk about how the project develops, then the creators of everything goes their own way, and, importantly, in strict accordance with the road map. Recently the merchant service and API AzartPay was launched, the site was updated.

Regarding the Azport's own crypto currency, it is added to the listing of such exchanges as CREX24 and Stocks Exchange. And just the other day (September 15, 188), trading started on the CryptoBridge exchange. The cost of the Azart coin has a huge potential for growth in connection with the opportunities that the project creators put into it, and already today its active trade is carried out on these sites.

Acquire Azart, as well as track the dynamics of the course, you can on all exchanges, where a coin is added, the list of which will expand. For the convenience of users, the official website of AzartPay provides links to all trading platforms, as well as all necessary information about the project and the coin. Mining in online gambling becomes a reality thanks to the Azart!