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AT & T launches Blockchain-solutions in collaboration with IBM and Microsoft



According to AT & T, the US telecommunications giant announced the creation of a package of solutions based on Blockchain technology, designed to work with technologies from IBM and Microsoft.

The comprehensive AT & T solutions that will work with the IBM Blockchain platform for data recording and technology from Microsoft Azure are aimed at "providing additional transparency and accountability even for the most complex supply chains" for corporate clients.

The package of the telecommunications company plans to develop the digitalization of business processes for corporate customers, noting that industries, including manufacturing, retail and healthcare, can use solutions.

Andy Dowdelin, AT & T vice president, said in a press release that blockchain technology is "transforming how many companies do business", adding:

"Technology improves security and allows better management of transactions through complex processes."

In August, the cloud platform Microsoft Azure announced a new algorithm for authentication (PoA) Ethereum (ETH), which would provide a "more efficient" way to create decentralized applications (DApps).

Recall that previously a crypto-currency investor sued AT & T after losing $ 24 million.

Author: Olga Novikova, analyst of Freedman Club Crypto News
Image from Fotolia