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AT & T introduced a blocking platform for the corporate sector



The leader of the US telecommunications market, AT & T, has introduced a range of block-based solutions for various areas, including supply chain management, industry, retail and healthcare. This is reported on the company's website .

As noted by representatives of the American conglomerate, new solutions based on distributed registry technology will help companies to automate and digitize various processes, as well as provide a more secure exchange of information.

The new blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform is able to interact with distributed registry solutions from IBM and Microsoft corporations, as well as with AT & T's own developments for the Internet of things.

BaaS-platform from AT & T can be used to track the supply chain of goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. It can also be used by retailers to manage inventory and health care providers who need confidentiality when working with patient data.

We will remind, earlier BaaS-platform for corporate sector was presented by the Chinese Internet giant

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