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At Coinbase you can now buy "baskets" from 5 crypto currency



The Coinbase exchange has introduced a new function to attract investors – Coinbase Bundles. This service allows you to buy "baskets" from five crypto-currencies: BTC, ETH, DCH, LTC, ETC.

"Basket" will serve as a starting package for new or casual investors. Instead of suffering the choice of what kind of currency to buy, they can buy several at once. In the "basket" the share of kriptovalyut weighted by market capitalization at the time of purchase.

The cost of packages starts from $ 25. For buyers from Europe and the UK, respectively, from 25 euros and 25 pounds sterling.

This is one of the company's recent developments in trying to expand its influence in the market. Until now, only a limited number of top-end crypto-currencies were traded on the exchange. Not long ago, the site announced a change in its listing policy, which should increase the range of coins offered.

The introduction of "baskets" in the light of these changes looks logical. The exchange will add new crypto currency, investors will have more access to the market without active trading. A company with a capitalization of $ 8 billion has already submitted index funds for institutional investors wishing to purchase a wide range of currencies.

Despite all attempts to lure customers, Coinbase Pro (a branch focused on professional trading) so far takes only 14th place in the top 100 exchanges in terms of trading volume. The first place is still held by Binance, based in Malta.

Innovations should bring the company to wider volumes and at the same time present crypto-currencies to a greater number of potential investors. The purchase of "baskets" can be the very step for beginners, simplifying entry into the industry.